Details Matter- Update on our Business

Its the small things that matter the most and at times the longest.

We know people have been wondering why we have taken FOREVER to go live, to start selling our pieces, to be a fully active business. Well, before we go into detail, we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting us, for donating clothes and helping our inventory build, but first and foremost thank you for your love and patience. We know you are ALL anxious and eager! We are TOO!! We have been in the works of finalizing all legal details with our now third business partner Casey! Who you ALL will love SO SO much! We decided to take on a third business partner primarily because of the capacity of space this movement plans to take up. We are on top of re-designing and re-purposing clothes, creating a game plan to make this movement be successful and everything we stand for actually shows REAL ACTIVE movement within communities. We are in hopes to bridging communities, organizations, and potentially teaching how to re-purpose clothing instead of throwing it away. We are in attempt to ELIMINATE waste.

Though our pieces are fashionable, statement making, and stylish we are so much more then just clothes. We are going to be using clothing that has no purpose or ability to be re-designed into a different garment, as pillow stuffing, blankets, filling for used furniture and more to help out those experiencing homelessness and low income families.

We know, but you two have done fashion shows, why haven’t you had time to sell these pieces, though? Well, as the finalizing of our business is around the corner, we have also had to balance our primary source of income, jobs, our day jobs. Though it hasn’t been an excuse, its just prolonged our grand opening. We all have to live and survive somehow, right?

To finish this off though, our grand opening is near. Please stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletters. As soon as we go live, you will be able to get involved and become a part of this movement too!

Thank you so much, for everything.

For the love.

For the support.

For community.

For remaining open minded to our movement.

We move slowly, therefore no mistakes take place.

This is bigger then us.

Bigger then money.

It’s to keep us all ALIVE and LIVING.

Thank you from the bottom to the top of our hearts,

Ty, Jakkie & Casey