Beautiful Truth

I wanted to write about the beautiful truth. About how colorful flowers bloom into existence and melt into our eyes blurring our vision as the scent overtakes us, helping us to travel into dimensions saved for the rarest breeds and the hardest hearts. Skin turns from soft cellular stretchiness into pigmented hues of red and purple airy fluff that breathes through portals. We stand grounded one minute and the next, feel each atom break from its neighbor to travel light years apart in an instant, as an individual big bang. It was supposed to become an axiom for the wayward, the weary, and the meek. Showing a psychedelic description of what it must feel like to be transformed into the "them" I wander past when I walk outside my locked door. If I had ever felt the unseen wings of a hummingbird, the breeze from a butterfly, or a ladybugs kiss, I might have gotten the words right. As I peered into my reflection from the portrait hanging from my foggy mind though, I realized I had not been brave enough to release my damning shadows grip. Bright yellows floating amongst pink and blue hued masses of energized joy, and all seen from behind a fist sized grimy screen made of thick glass. Truly all that could be seen through that tiny screen was a bright white light amongst the smell of my dirty weakened body though. Self imposed isolation, within the blackness of an imaginary prison of words stacked so deeply that no light broke through their compounded sharp edges, was my mind. Thoughts become nonsense when you allow them to roam free in a walled up prison, but hurtful thoughts, well, they make the physical body bleed. My beautiful truth was turning into a great fantasy that can't be explained because its far too insane, and I'm left with my cynical negativity. I still cannot give up the dream though. The dream that I can taste the love that drips from the center of our galaxy. That maybe when I walk by she sees my chaotic beauty erupting with the energy of a star blasting its heat across our millennia. Maybe we all struggle through these feelings, and maybe it's also true that we are all walking amongst an unseen and unknown beauty with no bounds or rules. Maybe the beautiful truth is simply stepping into the insanity of the unknown.