Mia Jean

Growing up in foster care was hell in its own way. Add being bullied and harassed constantly for your weight just makes a recipe for suicide. I wasn't even overweight in middle and high school, but I had tiny love handles and an itty bitty pudge, and growing up in a time when being grossly skinny was desired, I was considered "fat". People always jumped to using that word to tear me down. It brought on lots of nights of tears, cutting & half-written suicide notes that ended up getting discarded in the trash. As an adult, I have gained weight. I am not skinny, nor will I ever be. I have dimples on my ass, stretch marks on my thighs, & plenty of chub to go around. But, "fat" is not a bad word. It is simply an adjective. I have fat, but it does not define me. Story by: Mia Jean