I come back, Naum

“I come back, Naum”

Jaylyn Begay



His smile pierced through troubles

Walking away with joy and virtue

“I come back, Naum,” he said

Words he could only pursue


He laughed because it was funny

Disregarding the fear that pinched my spine

Leaving my hand shivering alone

That was the first sign


But those voluminous brown eyes

Could make a girl cheerful

“I come back, Naum,” he said

The look on his face was so peaceful


With a glance over his shoulder

And laughter that sang

His feet stumbled over the other

Gasping for air as his head made a bang


Brushing the dirt off his knees

He stands tall “I’m fine,

I come back, Naum,” he said

That was the second sign


“Zander!” my throat shrieked

As the panic filled my brain

I ran to grab him

With the adrenaline in my veins


His face full of confusion

As terror filled my eyes

“I come back, Naum,” he said

Deafening out my cries


But time came too quickly

Before the Suburban pounded his chest

Tears flooding the streets

His limped body I caressed


Anger stretched through my blood stream

His echoing words bounced in my head

“I come back, Naum,” he said

“But now its time for bed”


Two years and two hundred twenty eight days

Time came too quickly

The purity in his words

Makes an innocent girl guilty


White wings look large on his small torso,

Unfurling out in the distance,

“I come back. Naum”

The beauty calms my resistance