Drowning in Freedom

Drowning in Freedom

Jaylyn Begay



Drowning in her freedom she falls,

Thoughtless mind slowly shakes,

Hearing her faint laughter that crawls,

Every move she makes.


The tingling sensations melt,

Eager to get some more,

A smooth bottle her fingers felt,

Just another she swore!


Her fiend within has been released,

Tearing her creamy skin,

Shining beauty becomes deceased,

Succubus for the win.


Her numb body tumbles over,

Sweat draping her pale face,

Losing all of her composure,

She looks like a disgrace.


The hours lost became better,

Searching for that freedom,

Arriving at her main sector,

Opening that kingdom.


Drowning in the freedom she fell,

Her mind rapidly shakes,

Her laughter ringing like a bell,

Another sip she takes.