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Photo by: Robin Fulton

Ty Kranz


"Mind over matter"

Addiction, depression, self harm, suicide, mental illness, all of that rings a bell. The thing is, people try to understand me, us, why and how we are constructed and designed to be the way we are. They try to tell us something is wrong and/or that we are sick. At least that's the case for me. Growing up, life wasn't the easiest; it was an unhealthy and abusive environment, where the men drank themselves to sleep and the women were at their begging mercy. I was taught to "kiss a man's ass" to "respect the dominant figure" and so forth. All it ever did was screw me in the ass, literally. I remember it all beginning to go down hill when my parents divorced, my grandmother (my best friend, passed away) my dad (whom our relationship is NOW a good one) was out of my life for nearly 7 years, and my mom moved us into a 2-bedroom apartment with this guy we had to start calling "papi" (which means 'daddy' in spanish). We then moved from house to house ever since, lacked stability, understanding, love and attention. I then started questioning everything, found myself in deep thought at such a young age. Deep thoughts from "what happened to my dad? One day he will arrive!" to "I must be a boy, I feel weird when I look at girls" and everything in between. I believe, now looking back as an adult, that I was depressed. Depression led to bad behavior, which led to drugs, self harm and suicide attempts as a teenager. All of that, led me to having to see psychiatrist, counselors, therapists, etc.... OH! But I forgot to mention, age 15, yeah I fell and had my first seizure, which I kid you not led to YEARS of extensive hospital visits, medical exams, various medication treatments, ICU stays, near death experiences, a complete 360 in what I knew life to be and what it was becoming. Which led to a wheel chair, then to brain surgery. Throughout all of this, I was asked by one particular doctor, in private, if I was being "abused" at home, which led me to lie, because why would that be my reality? Which led to being the truth of my mere existence, I just didn't know how to yell for help and saving. 

Anyway, I can go ON & ON & ON & ON, but I wont, because I made it!!! I survived regardless of the stuff I have been dealt, I am HERE! Starting this business for people who understand everything I just wrote, and feel all the things I have felt, to show the light, passion, desire and will to change the world in the ways I was gifted to do so, through fashion, poetry, art, connections, smile, love and laughter. Through being raw, honest, blunt, truthful in everything I do, to show the world that REAL people with REAL experiences who ARE WILLING and ABLE to speak up, still and will do so! 

This business is everything I have ever been through, its ME.

Through this, I plan to Re-Design Expression, with Realism of what LIFE REALLY IS! FUCKING PAINFUL YET FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! 

Welcome on board & thank you for your FULL support! 

I love you,

Ty K.