Genesis Haydee Rubio

I almost didn't make it this Sunday... 


Im thankful to be alive. 

God, you saved me all over again and forever Im thankful. 

I lost memory of what seems to be a traumatic event in my life but I think it's with great purpose. 

I was reborn the night of a misfortunate event that could have easily snatched me from this world. 

I took life for granted. 

I never thought that I could be the destruction of my own life sentence. 

I allowed it to go on this far. 

I allowed to be overwhelmed by the defeated. 

The moment I yelled for you, you came and wrapped yourself around me as I crawled out with no scratch or bruise. 

That night I saw my life flash in the vicinity of my ever so slim existence. 

I saw the hurt I would cause my loved ones with my mere absence on this planet we call home. 

The universe would transposition my vitality in so many ways. 

In that moment I chose him. 

I was conscious enough to understand that my time wasn't over yet and that my purpose hadn't been attained. 

So I took what compact amount of faith I had left inside of me and I ran with it. 

I saved myself because of who I chose to believe would bury me out.... Alive.


Writtenby Genesis Haydee Rubio