Gender Non-Conforming

Gender Non-Conforming,

Starred down by individuals who find me alarming...

I am constantly mourning the identity that I find charming,

Mom's find me to be harming,

Sitting across from me squirming,

Discomforted by my gender non-conforming, self expressing,

earning and deserving,

daring and yearning,

the acceptance of society,

I silently sit quietly, absorbing in all the judgement,

allowing myself to dive into society...


I never will be what they expect of me,

it's built up so much anxiety,

but I always will be

the one individual that is contrariety.


Call me a rebel.

I will continue to dwell

into the depths of what you believe is hell.

Slowly but surely breaking through my shell,


Keep your eyes, ears and heart open widely

because I guarantee

one day I will exceed...


Best believe,

I will exceed the expectation of what society calls to be reality.

As people call me to be naive,

as they mistreat my technique,

I will complete the unique way of opening hearts and minds into a masterpiece,


I will know that I did succeed,

Transforming souls of disbelief

into individuals of complete love, light and full belief,

that it is perfectly okay to be Gender Non-conforming,

who is confident in going around and informing

people who don't understand the unique way of becoming one with oneself,

reforming and transforming into a heartwarming, love storming, diva performing, light swarming, badasses terraforming the traditional bypass of reality.

Just watch and see that all of this will become bigger then the open sea.


By: Ty Kranz