Anonymous 2.0

Days become shorter, nights disappear rapidly These tired eyes, this weary smile The little girl that was once so apparent in her has now fled Her once rosy cheeks are now tear stained and scarred

Her spirit thought to be broken beyond repair Flawed and far from innocent Barely surviving each day, being attacked with words and let down by broken promises No longer daddy’s little girl, she knows the truths and sorrows life has to offer its victims It only took her one questioning glance down the wrong path to fall from her princess tower to the cold, hard streets of reality

The feeling of loss and pain come more often to her now, an everyday thing Her threatening life style-binge and purge- makes her once strong body now weak and frail Staring in the mirror, poking the absence of fat Still feeling hideous, she runs to her porcelain throne, and lets out all of her fears and insecurities She struggles to get by these days, holding on by a thin thread of life

Passed out on the floor Drunk and Stoned She takes a step outside and looks in She sees a child, poor and weak A child raped of her opportunities to live free, a child constricted to the confines of her dull grey reality Thoughts of suicide and pain flood her mind as she watch the child lay there, helpless

Mixed up mind, tortured soul A broken heart bound together by rusted chains She studies the white flesh of her thin legs and tiny wrists. So badly she longs to caress her pale body with a shiny blade of desire and pain So badly she wants to feel the blade running cleanly through her smooth skin, she wishes to see the deep red liquid seep from her body Letting out the pain, the suffering she falls victim to daily Oh how she longs for the relief life never seems to offer…

Envious of yet another soul who’s taken leave to escape the hell hole she occupies Each fortune chasing person escaping an unfortunate future She waits impatiently for her very own future to begin She longs for the nights she will spend with her future husband, the kisses and caresses they will share Quietly she waits in her room, for her future to come- for her prince charming to ride up on his noble steed

She sits in her room, like a Jewish baby in the camps Left alone with her thoughts to strangle her every waking moment, truth stares her in the eyes Staring, daring her to take chances, pressuring her to do something out of the norm Pride and ego preventing her these days from giving up and giving in to the world

Memories of abuse and neglect haunt her day dreams Trying to find peace with it all, with life, her sad story constantly taping her on the shoulder-reminding her of its presence She begs for relief, some sort of glance shot her way by god

Pain, torture, agony, memories, lost love, found love, broken hearts, relentless suffering, longing for change She stares forward…down the barrel of the gun that some how made it into her hand and in front of her face She stares, crying, wishing, praying Her heart breaks one last time, the last tear falls, the last breath taken, and last words uttered…”I love you, babey.”…the first shot is taken in perfect tempo with the very last beat of her heart