I have asked my self this questions many times. Why are we here ? What is the meaning behind all of this pain that we go through every day? Is there really a meaning? Because if there isn't than what is the point of going through it every day. I have been married for 5 years it might not sound as much to you but it has been a living hell to me. My own personal hell! We decide what hurts us. Me , well I decided to let him hurt me. I decided to be that perfect wife and gave him 2 kids, I work, I go home and clean and cook and I have done this routine for all these years, because that's what everyone one is looking to do, right ? Create a family and be happily married? Well that was so much for my happy ever after... Well hey, here is the thing, If making some one else happy makes you happy then go for it ! But if it doesn't, do whatever makes you happy. I have come to conclusion that there is no meaning to life ! You decided what the meaning in your life will be. Meanwhile I'm still searching for that meaning and I wish you all the best for it is not an easy task. Sincerely The unhappy one.

Story by: Anonymous