(Ty & Jakkie)

T&J Upcycling: Re-Designing Expression became a living entity over a year ago. With their emerging idea to reduce waste and reuse old garments, giving them a new purpose, style, fashion, this business was born. When we speak about changing the fashion industry, it sounds a bit extreme, however that is exactly the vision, through up-cycling and merging fashion, style with re-designing already used pieces/garments into something different and new, we want to impact and save the world, in style.

Our mission: “Upcycling is a relatively new concept, that faces the challenge of lack of general knowledge about the new and trendy initiative. Our goal is to change that. To engage customers into this new concept. With our fashionable design, our creativity/innovation and uniqueness of our product as well as the good environmental and social cause, we hope to give people motive to not only buy our product, but to become more environmentally mindful in all aspects of their lives. T&J Upcycling will stand out from the rest. We have a very unique vision for our designs. Each piece i limited edition, high quality, one of a kind and handcrafted. We also accept customizable piece inquiries. Our passion is to create a new wave of trendy, street-style, statement making fashion while preserving our economy.”

As we continue to learn, evolve and expand we plan to bring everything we experience into the business in an effective and mindful manner. Aside from clothes, we are also a platform. At T&J Upcycling, we also allow the safe space for connection, expression and love! We accept art submissions, giving voices and a platform for those who have been silenced or aren’t in a space to share their art but want to anonymously.

T&J Upcycling: Re-Designing Expression is not only a clothing business, it is a family, created and possible thanks to everyone who donates, submits their art and supports our movement, alongside many others out there on the same journey.